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“OPEN DAY – TUESDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER – Please call or pop in to our Park Gate offices from 8.30am to 7.30pm – 01489 581 888 or email” Numerous vacancies in Customer Service, Administration - Full Time, Permanent, Contract and Temporary starting at £14,000 per annum.


You will be sent a weekly timesheet for each assignment – an example of this is shown below.


Your timesheet should be completed daily and signed by your supervisor at the end of each week. The timesheet should be completed to the nearest quarter of an hour and the total for the day should not include any time taken for your lunch break. In order for us to process your pay, we must have received your signed timesheet by 9.00am on the following Monday.

If you are not able to submit a properly authenticated timesheet, we will, in a timely fashion, conduct further investigations in to the hours claimed by you and the reasons why the timesheet has not been signed in respect of those hours. However, this may delay any payment to you.

Some clients use online timesheets held within their intranet – if these apply on assignments that you are in then you will be shown how to complete these by your Supervisor at the client. The timescales for submission for online timesheets are the same as for manual ones ie, they must be available to us by 9.00am on the following Monday in order to ensure you are included on payroll that week.