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“OPEN DAY – TUESDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER – Please call or pop in to our Park Gate offices from 8.30am to 7.30pm – 01489 581 888 or email” Numerous vacancies in Customer Service, Administration - Full Time, Permanent, Contract and Temporary starting at £14,000 per annum.


Provided we have received your correctly signed timesheet by 9.00am on the Monday following the week worked, you will be included in that week’s payroll and receive your wages into your bank account on Thursday. We will only pay by direct credit transfer to your nominated bank account. We will not, under any circumstances, pay in cash or by cash cheque.

You will be paid at the hourly rate applicable to the assignment which will have been discussed with you prior to the start. Pay rates may vary from assignment to assignment but will always be higher than the National Minimum Wage applicable at that time.

You will be paid under PAYE with deductions made for tax and NIC where applicable. In order to ensure that you are on the correct tax code, we will need to have received one of the tax forms P45, P46 or P38S (student form). Without a current copy of one of these forms in place, we will have to deduct tax from your wages at basic rate which may mean that you pay more tax than you should.

Subject to us receiving a correctly authenticated timesheet, we will guarantee that we will pay you for all hours worked regardless of whether we have received payment from the client for those hours.