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“OPEN DAY – TUESDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER – Please call or pop in to our Park Gate offices from 8.30am to 7.30pm – 01489 581 888 or email” Numerous vacancies in Customer Service, Administration - Full Time, Permanent, Contract and Temporary starting at £14,000 per annum.


Holiday Pay

Like all employees you are entitled to a statutory number of working days holiday per year pro-rata on the time that you have worked for us. The statutory leave entitlement currently stands at 5.6 weeks which is 28 days for full-time workers. The amount of holiday pay you accrue is dependent on the hours you work and is calculated each week at 12.07% of your basic pay (not including overtime) and is put into a “holiday fund” for you to draw on when you have time off. Our holiday year runs from January to December and any holiday pay not claimed can be requested as a lump sum when you leave us.

Statutory Sick Pay

Cluett Reeve does not currently offer a company sick pay scheme for its temporary staff but you may be entitled to statutory sick pay providing you qualify under HMRC rules.

To qualify for SSP you must be in an on-going assignment and off sick for at least four days in a row. If this applies to you then you should contact your branch who will give you further details on how to claim. SSP will only be paid up to the end of your assignment.

Statutory Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Pay

Subject to HMRC conditions concerning length of employment and earnings levels you may be entitled to SMP, SPP or SAP. If you believe that any of these entitlements may apply to you then please contact your branch who will send you the relevant forms.

Stakeholder Pension

We believe that planning for the future is important and you are entitled to join our Stakeholder Pension Scheme from day one of your employment if you wish. Full details are available from either on our branches.

Eyecare Scheme

As one of our temporary staff, you and your immediate family members are eligible to take advantage of the Corporate Eyecare Scheme that Cluett Reeve have in place with Vision Express. This gives you generous discounts on eye tests, glasses and contact lenses. For further details please contact one of our branches.